Pauline Woodrow - Sales Director

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from constipation. I don’t just mean not going to the toilet for a couple of days. I mean not going to the toilet for a couple of weeks! This, despite eating a relatively healthy diet, lots of veg and fibre with a fairly active lifestyle. My GP would say “if you have always been that way then there is nothing to worry about” or “ I can prescribe something”.

At 44 years of age, having suffered this problem since I was a child I put my trust in Christine to find a way through this problem. 

Christine spent time understanding my lifestyle, diet, sleep cycle and general well being to point me in the direction of specific supplementation and dietary suggestions. About 4 months into the process I noticed a change!

I now regularly (or regularly for me) go to the toilet once a day, most days. Eureka! 

I have found my body less bloated, lost weight and has even had a positive impact on my mood and energy.

Wish I had done this years ago Christine!

Sophie - Dance Student

As a student in full-time dance training, having the right diet and achieving optimal health is crucial for my success and ability to progress in my career path. Therefore, after months of unexplained symptoms; such as recurring illnesses  and abdominal bloating and pains, I wished to seek professional nutritional help- and I could not be more glad to have found this through Christine. 

Christine’s knowledge and ongoing support as a nutritional therapist has been invaluable to me. Her genuine and personal approach, combined with her natural and insightful solutions to my targeted problems, have resulted in noticeable  improvements to my health already. From offering various in-depth tests to pin point my specific nutritional issues or deficiencies, to dissecting my diet and proposing simple adjustments, recipes and supplements to aid my healing - I could not have asked  for more. In only a few months of working with Christine; my general health and energy is improving, past cravings for refined foods are now being replaced by a pure enjoyment for nourishing whole-foods, and my persistent bloating and discomfort is continuing  to significantly reduce.

I highly recommend Christine to anyone interested in seeking Nutritional Therapy, and I look forward to continuing with my ongoing plan and their subsequent results. Thanks to Christine I am gaining crucial information into my own  health, and the best way nutritionally for me to function and thrive at my fullest potential.