Nutritional Therapy


What is Nutritional Therapy?

We are a set of constant chemical reactions, breaking down the food we eat and making  things like muscle, hormones and enzymes.

Nutritional Therapy aims to look at how changes to what we eat can have a positive impact on our health.

We seek to identify which food and food components may be affecting you negatively and those which may help you reach your health goals. We will then make recommendations that are evidence based.

Change can be challenging but Nutritional Therapy is a collaborative process, working with you at your pace and providing the level of support you feel necessary to help you on your journey.

Nutritional Therapy is a complementary therapy and does not replace medical advice.

Personalised Nutrition may Support

Energy and fatigue


Are your energy levels less than you would like? Are mornings difficult for you? Do you experience mid-afternnon slumps?

Weight loss and maintainance


Have you lost weight but can't keep it off? Are your eating habits the same but you're gaining weight?

Gastrointestinal issues


Are you bloated and feeling uncomfortable? Are you going to the toilet too often or not enough? 

Hormonal Issues


Do you have acne or low mood? Do you suffer pre-menstrually, or are you having a hard time with menopause?

Allergies and intolerances


Do you suspect something you eat bothers you but you can't figure out what?

Skin conditions


Do you have recurring skin issues such as eczema or dry skin?

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