A good friend of mine had experienced the benefit of dietary changes and was quietly convinced about the power of food, but I dismissed the idea for years! Suffering general fatigue and catching every bug going, but having 'nothing wrong' with me, led me to try better eating. 

Around that time, several family members were diagnosed with conditions that it seemed intuitive diet may help but they were told it would not. I really wanted to understand the role of food in health and disease. 

I researched many courses and felt that  the Institute for Optimum Nutrition would be the best place to gain that understanding.

The Institute for Optimum Nutrition


The Institute for Optimum Nutrition is at the fore of nutritional education in the UK, keeping up with the latest in research and applying the highest standards in all that it does. 

What I learned studying at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition has completely changed how I see food forever. Food really has the power to impact how we function and feel.

Our relationship with food has been taken over by multi-million pound companies and we have lost touch with the basics of cooking and eating. Reconnecting with cooking and what we eat puts you back in control.

Our regulating body


BANT is the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. Its members must have completed an accredited course with supervised clinical practice and adhere to BANT's code of conduct ensuiring professionalism and confidentiality. 

BANT keeps its members updated on the latest research and evidence in Nutritional  and ensures that we spend time every year keeping up with what is


Membership of BANT means you can be reassured that I want to give you credible advice, based on research and that I am accountable for the advice I give you