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Christine Baker

Based in Glasgow, I am a BANT (British Association of Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine) registered Nutrition Practitioner. I love to help people understand that how they eat may affect how they feel. 

Most people who come to me will often experience situations that impact their quality of life but are not considered serious health issues, like bloating, constipation, low mood or general fatigue. Others do have more discernible problems such as hormone imbalances, Lyme Disease or diabetes. 

If any of the above concern you, or you would just like advice on optimising your nutrient intake, or need advice on, for example, how to ensure nutrient sufficiency from a vegan diet, a nutritional therapy consultation can guide your food choices to support your health for years to come.



Please read my blog on Lyme disease to find out more about the disease and what Nutritional Therapy can offer to support 

Food as medicine


Using the power of food to make the most of your health

Knowledge is power


Our relationship with food is very intimate, taking things from outside and putting them into the heart of our system. It can have  a profound effect on how we feel. Understanding how the food we choose may impact us can be empowering.

Knowledge in action


We are all individual and unique and may benefit from different dietary styles. Understanding what food works best for us can help guide our choices in favour of food that supports our health.

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